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How to Build an Editorial Calendar with Trello

It’s happened to all of us at one point or another. You’re struck by an idea for a really great blog topic, but you forget to write it down. By the time you’re ready to write, you can’t for the life of you remember that idea. You’re sitting at your computer trying desperately to recall […]

How Advertisers can Convert Influencers into Advocates

The world of online marketing has skyrocketed over the last several years and with good reason.  Online business has escalated and the power behind those working online is huge with influence marketing.  It is no more a world of cyberspace where advertisers simply should be requesting a simple text link with a company they want […]

Tips for Taking Advantage of Google+ For SEO

Google+ is moving up in the world of social media. For a long time, it was the new kid on the block, able to draw little interest because of the dominance of Facebook. While Facebook is still running the show, Google+ is looking more and more like the next big thing in social media, especially […]

Content Killed the SEO Star

Just like video killed the radio star, content killed the SEO star. The days of keyword stuffing, manipulative linking, meta tags, and thin content creation (short pieces without much substance) are in the past. Circumventing Google’s new rules are becoming increasingly difficult, making traditional SEO investment obsolete. I say this because Google has been tweaking […]

What You Need To Know Before Starting a Blog in 2014

With the New Year upon us, I’ve heard many friends chime into the social chatter and resolve that they’d like to start a blog in 2014. Being a longtime blogger, this makes me want to do a happy dance and immediately take them out for coffee to hear every ounce of inspiration behind their new, […]

Need You Now: Creating a Natural Sense of Urgency

When getting your audience so interested in your product or service that they MUST have it, creating the incentive to “buy now” (or at least, very soon) is a time-honored sales and marketing tradition. This is called a “sense of urgency”. But people want to know: does it actually work or is it just a […]

Get Out of the Doldrums: 9 Tips To Keep Your Content Fresh

If you are interested in Markerly’s subscription service for weekly ghost-written posts for your companies blog and amplification of your blog on premium publisher sites, click here. It’s a struggle to move your heavy fingers across the huge keyboard…every idea you come up with seems to have been done a million times over…and you’re wondering […]

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